Our Mission:

strengthening, enriching and Preserving.

By supporting the organizations and initiatives that are the social glue that holds rural areas together, we can help our treasured communities help themselves. The Aaron Lewis Foundation helps communities build a strong foundation for the future by supporting initiatives that enrich the lives of their young citizens.


Our Mission

The Aaron Lewis Foundation was created to help revive rural communities across New England by providing assistance that strengthens, enriches and preserves local towns. We support initiatives that improve community life — particularly the lives of children — within rural areas. We share our expertise and provide financial assistance to empower citizens and local organizations to take charge of their own community’s future. TALF works to unite resources and ideas to help people and communities create a better tomorrow.

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Where Your Support Goes

Proceeds from the Aaron Lewis Foundation provide direct support to rural schools, community programs, veterans and their families in the form of grants.


Did You know?

Poverty rates in New England climbed 21% between 2000 and 2010.

Source - Decennial Census, American Community Survey


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